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                Electric hot water boiler



                產品特點介紹 Features of the product introduction

                        Using imported high-quality stainless steel electric heating pipe or alloy steel material electric heating elements, to ensure the safety and effectiveness, durable operation.
                        Electricity as a heat, no heat loss and smoke heat loss, thermal efficiency is above 98% and the clean environment.
                        High power in boiler for split type design, is not limited by the installation site, and can be placed neatly according to the actual situation of site.
                        Terminal word row have detailed wiring logo, provides great convenience for installation.
                        Matching high-performance electromagnetic contactor (frequent action 1000000 times), built-in fuse protection branch road, 120 v belt fuse transformer, power switch, indicator light, etc.
                        Free matching control system, advanced control and remote control system can realize the central cluster computer network monitoring. Run the whole process of automation, with electric heating element block cutting, circulation start-stop, automatic filling water, water shortage and overtemperature and overpressure, automatic alarm, leakage protection function.
                        We can also design for you regenerative ChuWen system, using the low peak (cut) of electricity at night using heat storage device to heat carrier heating storage, storage quantity of heat, for air conditioning and hot water as required, with electricity price policy can reduce the operation cost.


                用途介紹 The purpose

                        Hotel, villas, office buildings, residential heating and living hot water washing, heat preservation, disinfection, food and beverage industry; The gym, gym, swimming pool, quickly supply plenty of hot water; Mall, shopping center heating heating, industrial washing, drying, needed for various heating heat source; Hospital heating, washing, disinfection, and other industry place life needed for heating hot water.


                技術參數 Technical information


                PS: Our company always improve the products, if something is change in a hurry, we can't show it in our catalogue, thanks for your understanding.

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