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                Vertical fuel oil (gas) hot water boiler



                產品特點介紹 Features of the product introduction

                        Scale and with rapid development of information technology today, more and more people have been transferred from the primary industry, secondary industry to the tertiary industry. In tourism, such as dining, bathing, hotel service industry has become a new economic bright spots. Especially in the rapid development of real estate industry and high-grade residential development group at the same time, heating and sanitary hot water and put forward the higher request. Gold artist with the marketing segmentation theory, this problem solved.
                        Separate heating and sanitary hot water effectively, formed two major series, hot water through galvanized processing, fully meet the requirements of for sanitary hot water is extremely harsh.
                        Boiler is a vertical fire tube structure, two return flue gas, smoke tube inserted turbulence, by using the principle of radiation heat transfer and convective heat transfer, the heat efficiency reaches 90%.
                        Intelligent computer control system is adopted, it has automatic filling water, temperature setting, combustion start-stop, cycle control, time setting and the safeguard.
                        The KONA can solve the problem of the high-rise and multi-storey building water under pressure. 


                用途介紹 The purpose

                Can be used in the heating area of 500 square meters to 4000 square meters of hotels, villas, apartment dormitory and other heating, can meet the hotels, guest houses and other places of high quality sanitary hot water needs.


                技術參數 Technical information


                PS: Our company always improve the products, if something is change in a hurry, we can't show it in our catalogue, thanks for your understanding.

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